Developer by trade, Technologist by passion – With over 10 years experience building websites and digital solutions that integrate with marketing strategies, Ralph Garcia is the name to trust.

Located in Southwest Florida, Rafael Garcia has extensive experiences with providing digital services. The services include but are not limited to digital broadcasting, web design, corporate branding, online marketing and digital strategy. Prior to 2010, Mr. Garcia was a pioneer in the South Florida market for online video streaming and digital broadcasting.  He served as a Director of Technology for one of the largest Hispanic broadcast station in West Palm Beach, Florida. During his time building this broadcast station,  Mr. Garcia created custom solutions using an opensource media servers to multicast the broadcast to the station site via a live stream. Some time after Mr. Garcia was recruited to lead a start up digital broadcasting platform and given the title, Chief Technology Officer.  In this role, Mr. Garcia was responsible for providing custom digital broadcasting solutions using a middle ware platform to low powered broadcast stations though out the US and internationally.

The base of Ralph Garcia’s career has always revolved around development and digital adverting, from web sites to integration solutions for marketing and automation. Mr. Garcia also have an extensive background with graphic design for online and offline products. In 2012, Ralph Garcia launch medium sized agency that provided white-label solution to more nationally known agencies across the country. Many of these agencies needed the extra resources that Mr. Garcia could provide.

In an effort to provide his family with a more laid back lifestyle, Mr. Garcia decided to relocate to Fort Myers Florida in 2015 where he worked for a boutique agency before finding that there was a need for his model here locally.

Work Skills.


The way people connect with companies has changed in the last 5 years, the web has educated and empowered everyone creating educated consumers who first reach to the web for information when connecting or buying. Websites have become as powerful as having a brick and mortar location that has a global reach. Mr. Garcia’s  focus is on making sure every project is created to fulfill required functionality, conversion goals and has an appealing user experience.

Creating a great website takes some logic and creativity, I focus on creating websites that achieve the brands goals using design, functionality and front/back end user experience.


A brand is the whole experience associated with a name and purpose. Brands in the digital space particularly has to be nurtured carefully via representing the right branding and information. Using solutions like SEO, impressions, social media and digital PR outlets for branding can help consumers more efficiently connect with their audience. It also helps prospective customers better learn about who the company is and what services they offer.


Technology has changed how we connect with our target audience, using solutions like beacons, advertising on search engines, video advertisements, email, social media, mobile and display ads we can now connect and engage like never before. Ralph Garcia is always on the cutting edged of digital strategy and/or its execution.

Ralph Garcia currently support companies with the following services:

  • Web Development (HTML, WordPress, Magento, Responsive Design, Mobile)
  • Graphic Design (Offline and Online)
  • Analytics set up and SEO
  • Social Media profiles set up and design
  • Email campaign set up and executions
  • Adwords set up, strategy and execution
  • Custom Development / Solution

Google Certifications: profile

  • icon-analytics-certified Google Analytics
  • icon-adwords-certified Adwords Search



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  • Full Page AD for Freshwater Fish Magazine



Im available to consult and support on projects, please feel free to send me a message and i will respond within 24 hours.